Basia Hoffman Biography

Basia (pronounced Ba-see-ya) Hoffman has an inspirational story that is intriguing and entertaining.

Basia is an American, born in Canada, raised in Switzerland and France. She is a mother, Author, TV Host, Crisis Prevention Counselor, Hypnotherapist - UCLA Trained and now "Breast Cancer Survivor".

She has taken what millions of women diagnosed with Breast Cancer see as "doom and gloom" to a place that is uplifting, hopeful, and inspirational. With her ABC approach - Attitude, Belief and Courage, Basia is truly

"Changing the face of Cancer!"

through her example as a Breast Cancer Survivor, finishing her treatment a year ago. Now Cancer Free, she is on the move touching hearts with encouragement and inspiring everyone she meets.

As Creator and Executive Producer of a 4 part series,

I Did It and So Can You!"

© 2008 for television and DVD on

"Breast Cancer from Diagnosis to Recovery"

, Basia started documenting her journey shortly after being diagnosed in the hope of helping millions of women go though this process with dignity, strength, hope and even sometimes laughter.

As an Award-winning International Children's Book Author, Basia travelled the world encouraging children to "Believe in themselves and let go of their fears" - the theme of her book entitled "The Ocean and Pebbles" published in 1997. Basia touched children's hearts through her puppet character "Ulli" an acronym for Universal Language of Love for all children Internationally. Her book continues to sell all over the world.

Basia's authenticity is captivating and there is no doubt that she is one of those "Bright Lights" that you do not see too often. This is about

"Triumph over Cancer"

. Basia serves as a wonderful role model for millions of women looking for inspiration as the

"New Face of Cancer"

, stunning, inspirational, energetic and charming.